Chicken & Apple Cider Chili

I recently entered in another chili cook off at work that I wasn’t feeling as competitive about, so I decided to find a random different and new recipe to try for it.  I found this recipe and thought it sounded interesting, so I wanted to give it a shot:

I enjoyed the recipe and loved how it was different, but it wasn’t a crowd pleaser… Personally, I thought it was a good variation on chili though and will be making it again in the future!



Southwest Chicken Detox Soup

After eating a whole lot of sweets this weekend and with Halloween this week, I decided to make a healthy dinner to eat throughout the week with this soup recipe:

It was a bit bland so I added a lot more spices to it and then that did the trick. It was easy to make too because I just threw it all in a crockpot while at work so it was nice to eat when I got home!

Smoked Chili

I was asked to make a batch of chili for my friend’s baby shower this weekend, so I decided to try smoking some chili using this recipe:

It was a really great recipe and definitely a good find! I only used half of the spice mix on the bottom, though, because I don’t really like spicy foods and felt like it was enough spices when tasting the chili. I also had to add some water throughout the smoking process, as it thickened up quite a bit. Other than that, I followed the recipe exactly and it turned out great!

Pumpkin Spice Bites

I follow this account on Instagram because everything looks delicious and amazing, but most of the time I do not have the ingredients he uses in his recipes. This time, however, I only had to buy cashew butter with this recipe so I decided to finally give one of this recipes a try! Here’s the pumpkin spice bites recipe:

I made them for a friend’s baby shower and everyone loved them! They are a nice, light dessert that was incredibly easy to make.

Ricotta Pancakes

Woke up this Friday morning with a day off work, so in celebration I decided to make some great looking Ricotta Pancakes with a huge tub of leftover ricotta cheese I have in my fridge! Here’s the recipe I used:

I’m convinced that once you have ricotta pancakes, you’ll never want to go back! They were so ridiculously good with a subtle sweetness to them! Definitely a recipe worth saving and making again. I used buttermilk in the recipe as well, which I think was an awesome addition too. For my toppings, I used white chocolate chips and dried cranberries, which was a great combination. Then I crumbled up some graham crackers and threw them on top of the pancake stack as a nice crunch! Delicious!

Pineapple Sausage Chili 

Our chili cook off is happening next month at work, so I am going to recipe test some chili recipes until I decide on a winner! I found a great one for last year, but it wasn’t the winner, so I’m determined to find something great this year!

The first one I am trying is this pineapple and sausage recipe. I made it exactly as written, but also added a pinch of saffron:

It was good, but not a winner. Have to eat this one up before I can test another… excited to try another!

Homemade Beet Pasta 

For the cooking portion of my cooking & baking rainy fall Saturday, I wanted to try and tackle some flavored pasta, so I decided to give beet root pasta a go. It wasn’t that difficult to make, but the pasta recipe that I went off of made more of a wet and stretchy dough than your typical homemade pasta dough which was different, but all in all still ended up working well and tasting great! Not to mention it made a nice pretty pink plate of pasta!

Will definitely make it again in the future, but maybe add a lot more flour so I can get more of a tough dough to work with.

Pumpkin Coffee Crumb Cake Donuts 

On the afternoon of this rainy, fall Saturday, I decided to spend this fall weekend day the best way I know how: watching Worst Cooks in America. After watching the latest episode, I decided I wanted to get up and cook and bake something myself. I chose to bake these Pumpkin Coffee Crumb Cake donuts that I found on pinterest:

They were awfully fast and easy to make, and on top of that they are DELICIOUS and a perfect cakey-ness! Definitely will be eating them for a breakfast treat throughout this week!