Zucchini Lasagna

For dinner this week, I decided to make this zucchini lasagna recipe:


The only thing I changed was that I used ground turkey instead of ground beef. I also think I could have made another row of zucchini, so next time instead of getting 3 zucchini I think I need to get 4. I love the idea of grilling the zucchini though before putting it all together! It tasted great too… didn’t even notice the absence of noodles!


Avocado Cream Cheese Spread

I have a ton of leftover vegetables in my fridge, so I decided to chop them all up and roast them in some olive oil for 40 minutes at 400-450 degrees in the oven. I also went to a fancy bread bakery this weekend to buy flaxseed bread so that I could have roasted vegetable sandwiches for lunch this week. To top it all off, I googled avocado cream cheese spread recipes so that I could spread it on my sandwiches with the vegetables. This is the recipe that I thought sounded the best:


Looking forward to eating it all together this week for some tasty lunch sandwiches! The taste test for this spread was awesome!

Delicious Fluffy Pancakes

A while ago, someone suggested this pancake recipe to me so I decided to try it last weekend:


It was so good that I had to make them again this weekend and finally got a picture of it! I made them for my sister too, who said they are her new favorite kind of pancakes. I think it goes without saying that we will be making this pancake recipe a lot now! Very delicious and super fluffy pancakes!

Smoked Hard Boiled Eggs

My dad found this recipe online and I’ve been telling him how I want to make smoked hard boiled eggs, so I decided to give it a try this weekend! Sounds like the best way to make eggs on Easter anyway…

Here’s the recipe: https://heygrillhey.com/how-to-make-smoked-eggs/

It didn’t take all that long to make the eggs and I would have liked to have left them on 15-30 minutes longer, but we had to pull the smoker inside because it started sleeting and hailing sadly. But they still had a nice subtle smoke flavor to them!

Chickpea Salad Sandwich with Low Carb Bread

When my brother was here this week, he bought a handful of chickpea cans to make dinners with, but then he got sick so I’m left with a bunch of chickpea cans I get to use up! For dinner tonight, I really wanted to try this chickpea salad recipe:


And for the bread, I have been wanting to try this since I received a Kirbie’s Cravings (awesome food blog) email this week:


Both recipes were awesome in my opinion!! I really want to make the chickpea salad again in bulk so that I can eat it throughout the week for lunch. It was so tasty and I’m glad I found the recipe!

No Bake Cake Batter Bites

Currently having a pretty lazy Sunday around here, so I wanted to conquer some boredom by baking something quick and easy! I was craving a small dessert bite of some sort, and after looking around for some, I chose to make this no bake cake batter bite:


I have made some of his recipes before and I love how creative they all are! This one was great like the rest and didn’t take long at all to make up so I can have a nice and easy treat to grab in my desk at work this week! 🙂

Paleo Cauliflower (& Broccoli) Crust Pizza

Tonight I wanted to make dinner for my parents who have been eating paleo, so I decided to make this cauliflower crust recipe for them:


The recipe for the crust was very good! It fell apart very easily but I still have yet to find a cauliflower pizza crust recipe that doesn’t fall apart when you try to pick it up. For the topping, I used a precooked and packaged smoked sausage and it was awesome!! I almost liked it better than ground sausage!

I also make a broccoli crust pizza (link on previous post) for my sister and I, who does not like cauliflower as much. We used black olives, roasted green pepper and turkey pepperoni for our sausage. Both were delicious and will be made again!