Peaches ‘n Cream Cinnamon Bread French Toast

I have a bunch of cinnamon bread in the house that I’m trying to use up, so here’s another variation of a cinnamon bread breakfast I whipped up!

First I got about a tablespoon of cream cheese and stirred it up with a about 1/4 cup of vanilla bean Greek yogurt. Then I cut up some peaches and threw them in a pan with some coconut oil to help them caramelize up a bit.

While those were cooking I combined a bowl of 1/4 cup vanilla almond milk, 1 egg white, maple syrup drizzle, vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg. I dredged the cinnamon bread in this and then threw it on the frying pan!

Then I put together the masterpiece! Just one of the slices of bread with the “cream” in the middle with some caramelize peaches, topped with another piece of bread and more peaches n cream topping. I was so excited to eat it that I didn’t even think of putting nuts or coconut on top for a little bit of texture!! Oh well… Next time! 🙂


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