Bailey’s French Toast!

I’m not a big french toast person, but when I asked my sister what she wanted for breakfast this morning she settled for french toast.  When thinking about what kind I wanted to make, I thought to try and experiment with making a Bailey’s flavored french toast!  I was inspired by this recipe:

Bailey’s Spiked French Toast

For mine, though, I adjusted the recipe and just used 1 egg and 1/8 cup of bailey’s + a dash of vanilla almond milk.  I also threw the vanilla, cinnamon and some nutmeg in there as well.

My sister wasn’t a big fan of the Bailey’s idea, so I made her some french toast inspired by this recipe:

Perfect French Toast Recipe

I split this recipe in half so that it only required 1 egg, and for the milk part I did 1/4 cup of chocolate milk + 1/4 cup of vanilla almond milk.  Both recipes were awesome!!  For my french toast, I also spread some filling between the two pieces of bread that was about 1 tbsp of Justin’s vanilla nut butter melted + 2 tbsp of cabot creek vanilla bean yogurt stirred together and it was delicious!  I topped my toast with some dried figs, soft baked apricot granola and some almonds.  For not being a huge french toast fan, this breakfast almost makes me want to be a convert!  🙂



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