Spinach Pancakes

Made some spinach pancakes with the leftover batter from the spinach pancake breakfast taco recipe I used and this may be one of my new favorite pancake recipes because I LOVE the cornmeal in the pancakes!! I made a pancake stack with a lighter filling in the middle: 2 tbsp Cabot creek vanilla bean Greek yogurt, 1.5 tbsp of lite cool whip and 1/2 tbsp of Justin’s vanilla almond but butter. I would typically like to just put the nut butter or peanut butter inbetween pancake layers, but this is just a way of getting that nut butter taste in a lighter way! I also topped with some super fresh and delicious coconut meat chunks, dried figs and soft baked granola on top (with a large dollop of the filling I made!). Perfect way to start the morning after a good run!


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