Red Wine Vintage Rigatoni Noodles with White Wine Garlic Herb Butter Sauce

I went to a massive local produce market the other day and there were several stands with flavored pasta noodles. One really unique flavor I’ve never seen before in noodle form were purple colored “Red Wine Vintage” rigatoni noodles, so naturally I decided I had to try them. I made them tonight with a white wine garlic herb butter sauce and it was a great combination! The noodles by their selves before the sauce had a sort of fruity flavor so I almost wish I had used less of a flavorful sauce to be able to taste the noodles more because they were neat!

I halved this recipe to make the sauce…and note for future time making this–I could have even used less butter! I also grabbed some lemon thyme off a plant I bought and threw it in the sauce as well which was a good fresh touch to the sauce:

Then I just thawed some frozen chicken and seasoned it up with salt, pepper, a drop or two of lemon juice and lemon pepper and threw it on the grill with some corn.

Then I tossed the pasta in the sauce and added some fresh lemon thyme as a garnish + some Parmesan cheese! Man would I definitely make this dinner again!


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