Zucchini Mozzarella Waffle Fritters

Had some zucchini leftover from the zoodles buns, so I decided to use the rest of it for breakfast by making zucchini mozzarella waffle fritters! First time I had something like it and it tasted like cheesy bread… So awesome! I used this recipe and just switched the grated Parmesan with shredded mozzarella because that’s what I had available in the fridge:


Then I just added some sautéed mushrooms, peppers and onions as an extra added savory element.


Quinoa Patties on Zoodles Buns

Killer. Dinner. Tonight.

I have been wanting to make these for forever and finally had the time to do it! First, I made this recipe for the quinoa patties and split the recipe in half to make 6 patties:


Then I made this recipe to make zoodles buns. So easy:


And put them together to create this masterpiece:

Halloween Pumpkin Pancakes! 

Happy Halloweekend!! To start off the weekend, I decided to celebrate the best way I know how… With pancakes! I wanted to try and make some Halloween pancakes with as little food coloring as possible, so I made pumpkin pancakes with canned pumpkin purée. However, I made them the lazy way…with pre made pumpkin mix. No shame! For the spider, pumpkin eyes and mouth, I made a separate batter with cocoa powder. The only part I used food coloring for was adding green food coloring to the pumpkin batter to do the stems.

I experimented with a couple ways to make the pumpkin face, and the method that worked the best for me was by cooking a pancake on both sides and before it cooked all the way through, I took off the pancake and painted on the face with the cocoa batter and put it back on the pan to cook the face through which doesn’t take long at all so it was no problem! Then as a fancy decoration to the plate, I just mixed coconut with some cocoa powder for dirt under my pumpkin. 🙂

Here was the final result! Such a fun breakfast to make on a day I finally had time to relax and make a fancier breakfast.

Apple Rose Tarts

Decided to try and bake a new dessert this weekend for a gathering and have been wanting to make apple rose tarts for forever! They definitely took quite a while to make but were worth it in the end because they were so tasty!

I was struggling a lot though with getting the puff pastry shells to cook all the way through on the bottom and kept cooking the tarts for a lot of 5 minute increments past the suggested 45 minute cook time and eventually just removed the water pan under the tarts cupcake tin. As soon as I did that, the puff pastry cooked up really quickly so I’m not sure if I will leave the water pan in the whole cook time next time I make these! Fun recipe though and they are visually a pretty dessert too for a party…everyone loved them!


Slow Cooker Turkey Pumpkin Chili

Chili isn’t typically my first food of choice, but I have 2 chili cook-off competitions coming up at work so naturally I have to enter! I was looking for chili recipes to experiment with and get ideas from until I stumbled across the perfect one…


I tried it today and it already seems to be the winner! Especially considering it’s currently “eat as much pumpkin as possible” season right now! I’m not a spicy food lover whatsoever and this chili is definitely on the sweet side so it was just perfect. Hoping it’s a winner!

Flatbread Breakfast Bowls

We have some “flatout” shells in the fridge that aren’t being used, so I brainstormed ways I could use one up for breakfast… Which was when I thought of flatbread breakfast cups!

I cut the flatbread in quarters and then put them in cupcake tins. Then I brushed some oil on all 4 and sprinkled cinnamon on 2 for a sweet breakfast cup and garlic powder on the other two for a savory breakfast cup. I put them in the oven at 350 and baked a couple minutes (should’ve pulled them out earlier so I’ll have to perfect the time another day).

Then I sautéed some peppers and onions and made a scrambled egg circle and put those + some cheese in one cup.

In the other, I blended frozen bananas and frozen mixed fruit and put that in the cinnamon flatbread cup topped with some homemade dehydrated coconut and more mixed fruit. Fun, unique breakfast!

Street Taco Lunch! 

Had my favorite lunch of the year so far so I wanted to post it for inspiration for future lunches!

I put black beans, sautéed peppers and onions, corn, rice, chicken and roasted Brussel sprouts in a mason jar. Then I brought some street taco shells to work and just spooned out half the mason jar one day and put it in the street taco shells with some avocado on top as well! It was nice because it was a two day lunch so I finished the second half of the mason jar the next day. 🙂 Easy and delicious!