Halloween Pumpkin Pancakes! 

Happy Halloweekend!! To start off the weekend, I decided to celebrate the best way I know how… With pancakes! I wanted to try and make some Halloween pancakes with as little food coloring as possible, so I made pumpkin pancakes with canned pumpkin purée. However, I made them the lazy way…with pre made pumpkin mix. No shame! For the spider, pumpkin eyes and mouth, I made a separate batter with cocoa powder. The only part I used food coloring for was adding green food coloring to the pumpkin batter to do the stems.

I experimented with a couple ways to make the pumpkin face, and the method that worked the best for me was by cooking a pancake on both sides and before it cooked all the way through, I took off the pancake and painted on the face with the cocoa batter and put it back on the pan to cook the face through which doesn’t take long at all so it was no problem! Then as a fancy decoration to the plate, I just mixed coconut with some cocoa powder for dirt under my pumpkin. 🙂

Here was the final result! Such a fun breakfast to make on a day I finally had time to relax and make a fancier breakfast.


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