Creamy Gnocchi Soup with Spinach and Turkey

I think I have discovered my new favorite soup ever to make… I made soup for a friend today after she had surgery and gnocchi is her favorite, so once I saw this recipe I wanted to try it!  She’s not a kale fan, though, so we used some frozen chopped spinach she had instead, and I also bought ground turkey instead of hot sausage.  The soup was PERFECT and the roasted red peppers in it were a perfect combination!  Here’s the recipe… would love to make it again in the future with kale!



Ultimate Mac ‘n Cheese from WGC

Tomorrow I am going to a potluck Christmas party and have no time to cook in the morning, so I decided to prep a dish tonight to bring!  The need to cook aligned perfectly with What’s Gaby Cooking “made with kitchen aid” giveaway of cooking a mac ‘n cheese dish to be entered in a contest to win kitchen aid appliances, so I decided to try and get creative with one of her mac ‘n cheese dishes by throwing some of it in to a crescent roll ring… didn’t turn out as pretty as I hoped but it was delicious!

For the mac ‘n cheese recipe, I chose to do Gaby’s second broccoli and squash mac ‘n cheese recipe with a couple minor changes.  First, I used Cavatappi noodles instead of Casareccia and I also substituted roasted herb fingerling potatoes for the butternut squash.

Then, I made the crescent roll ring modeled after this recipe because this is what I was originally going to make until Gaby announced her challenge yesterday!  (or a chicken cordon bleu crescent roll ring…. hopefully in the future I can make a bbq chicken one and chicken cordon bleu!)

I loved the mac ‘n cheese recipe and thought it all turned out great!  🙂


AMAZING Snickerdoodle Brownie Blondies

Pretty sure I may have just experienced what a taste of heaven must be like!! Saw this recipe being made on snapchat by What’s Gaby Cooking, an awesome food inspiration, and she said that many people have told her this is the best thing to ever have come out of her kitchen so naturally I had to try it! I have to say I had some high expectations after hearing that statement and boy did it live up to that! Here’s the amazing recipe I will for sure make for another party this weekend! Absolutely amazing!

Soft Pumpkin Cookies

I have to make cookies for a cookie exchange party tomorrow and even though I’m a season behind the times with these ones, I felt they were necessary because I still have so much pumpkin purée to use up! I think these are some of the greatest cookies to have in the fall, so I decided to make them since I didn’t get to make any this fall! Here’s the recipe, they turned out great:

Fresh Pumpkin Pasta

Still trying to use up some pumpkin purée! I made this fresh pumpkin pasta recipe and it was fun making my own pasta… Never done it before! I would love to try this again in the future with less egg and more pumpkin and see if that would possibly work because it was essentially just plain pasta; however, it was fun to do and a new experience! I also enjoyed the pictures from the recipe I found so I tried copying one and taking a fancy picture of the noodles 🙂 Here is the recipe:

Definitely would love to make it again in the future!