Smoked Cheddar, Bacon, Caramelized Onion & Apple Stuffed Turkey Burger

My friend gave me a stuffed burger maker for Christmas, so I wanted to try and put it into action tonight! I found this website and definitely plan on making most of these over time! They all sound so delicious!

Anyway, that website inspired me to make a turkey burger stuffed with smoked cheddar cheese that was home-smoked last weekend, bacon bits, caramelized onions and caramelized apples. Then I seasoned the outside with salt, pepper and a little bit of rib rub. Oh man it was so delicious! Next time I want to make a feta, roasted red pepper and pesto stuffed burger, and after that a stuffed Mac ‘n cheese burger! Woo hoo! (I also made it an open faced burger with a zucchini “bun” hiding in the background of the picture.) 🙂


Maple Balsamic Roasted Brussel Sprouts

I researched a couple ideas for a Brussel sprouts side for dinner tonight and decided this one sounded great to try… Maple balsamic roasted Brussel sprouts! I used everything in the recipe, but I replaced the dried cranberries with raisins because I did not have any cranberries. All in all, it was a tasty find!

Mango Guacamole Stuffed Chicken

Tonight for dinner I decided to try my first stuffed chicken! Wow it was great, can’t wait to make some more stuffed chicken recipes in the future!

I stuffed the chicken with the Mango Guacamole recipe from WGC:

And for the chicken, the first thing I did was butterfly the chicken. Then I rubbed the outsides with salt and pepper. After that, I spooned the guacamole inside the chicken and stuffed it pretty darn full! Then, I cooked the chicken at 400 degrees for 25-30 minutes until the internal chicken temperature was 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Loved the guacamole with the mango a lot and loved it with the chicken.

Snickerdoodle Dessert Hummus

This week, various people from work brought in different types of dips to share for lunch, and my favorite I’ve made so far is the chocolate peanut butter hummus I found on the “Hummusapien” blog, so naturally I had to bring that in!  When I was on the website, I also found a snickerdoodle hummus, so I decided to give that a try as well… Just have to say, I think this one may be even better.  Both are incredibly awesome, but wow was this one good!  Excited I found it and can’t wait to make it again sometime for a gathering!



Cilantro Lime Shrimp with Udon Noodles

This weekend, I had one of my favorite shrimp recipes, and I have always wanted to try cooking some soy sauce inspired asian noodles, so I picked up some udon noodles to go with the shrimp.  They paired really well together!

Here’s the shrimp recipe:


1 bunch Cilantro
3 jalapenos
3 limes
3 – 4 cloves garlic
1 ginger root
1 cup olive oil
2/3 cup soy sauce
Uncooked Tail on Shrimp


1 – Remove the shell from the uncooked shrimp and skewer the shrimp. Place the shrimp skewers in a marinating dish.
2 – Marinade – In a blender or food processor combine the cilantro, jalapenos, garlic, ginger root, juice of the limes, olive oil and soy sauce. (I usually put 1-1/2 jalapenos in the blender with the seeds in them and take the seeds out of the other 1-1/2 jalapenos. This can be adjusted to satisfy the degree of “spicy hot” you like)
3 – Pour marinade over the skewered shrimp and place in refrigerator overnight. Place shrimp skewers on grille over a medium – medium hot flame. Cook on each side 3 – 5 minutes or until shrimp is done.
4 – Can be served as an appetizer with or without cocktail sauce or as a main dish over rice.

And here’s the udon noodle recipe I used.  It made a LOT of extra sauce and it was pretty oily, so I think  the ingredients could even be cut in half!  I only made the sauce portion of the recipe without the veggies (minus the hot pepper part because I’m not a spicy food fan).


Plantain Lasagna

Made another plantain inspired dish of course!  I wanted to try eating them on the savory side as well…  The best finding I wanted to try was plantain lasagna!  I liked the aspect of sweet and savory, so will make this again in the future!  I ran out of plantains to put on the top so I had to get a little creative to cover as much of it as possible.

Plantain Lasagna
With this recipe, I did not use all of the ingredients, though.  I did not use the eggs which really didn’t seem necessary, and for filling I used ground beef, black beans and hominy.  The hominy was a great addition!