Seafood Medley, Sausage and Veggie Old Bay Sheet Pan Dinner

Today I really wanted to make a sheet pan dinner, and I love Kirbie’s Cravings food blog… I received an email from the blog about a week or two ago with this sheet pan dinner on it so I decided to make it with some variation on the foods included:

I did all the same instructions and spices from that link. However, for the food I used shrimp, a crab cake and a fillet of salmon with lemon juice squeezed on it and slices of lemon on top. I also used smoked pre-cooked sausage. Then for veggies I had potatoes, broccoli and Brussel sprouts.

It was such an incredibly simple dinner that I will definitely be looking to make lots more sheet pan dinners in the future! And super tasty!


Spaghetti Squash and Shrimp Pesto Pasta

Had the most simple yet delicious dinner tonight! I roasted a spaghetti squash at 375 for about 55 minutes and let that cool. While it was cooling, I heated up some pesto sauce, sautéed some shrimp and cooked some Cavatappi pasta. Then, I threw all of that together back in a spaghetti squash she’ll just for fun and dinner was served! Easy as that!

Paleo Crepes

For lunch today, I made some paleo crepes by throwing together a bunch of things I could find in the fridge, which was hard because there wasn’t much!

Here’s the crepe recipe I used:

The recipe was awesome. I halved everything but forgot about halving the coconut flour when I put that in so I did half of everything in the recipe but still did the 2 tbsp of coconut flour and it still worked out great. Inside, I just put some homemade guacamole, hard boiled eggs, pepperoni, onions and some mozzarella + feta cheese. Clearly just random stuff thrown in there, but they were delicious! Good recipe find that I loved and will use again!

Japanese Style Pancakes

I have seen these pancakes popping up a lot lately, so I decided to give them a go!  I used both a round cookie cutter for support on the sides to keep the pancakes tall and fully looking, and I also made my own cardboard concoction with parchment paper in the middle to help with nonstick purposes, and both worked out great.

Also, usually I am not much of a plain pancake person and like an interesting flavor thrown into the batters, but I wanted these to turn out perfect and fluffy, so I didn’t want to mess with any of the ingredients and kept them plain and simple!  However, the recipe was actually perfect as it was!  Great vanilla taste and lots of flavor.  They took forever to cook because they were on a really low heat, but I’d say it was worth it.  In-between pancake stacks, I put some vanilla bean greek yogurt, fig jam and crushed up graham crackers… so that’s where I was able to add some crazier flavors.  🙂  All in all, definitely a fun breakfast and can’t wait to make it again!


(I was having too much fun taking different picture variations of these pancakes so naturally I couldn’t choose which I liked best and decided to include them all!)

Fruity Pebble Crusted French Toast

I have a ton of fruity pebbles still from the fruity pebble cookies I made, so decided to use them for a good, crunchy French toast crust! I kept it really simple… Basically just used an egg, half of 1/3 cup of coconut milk, a dash of cinnamon, coconut sugar and vanilla and whisked it all together for the batter. Then, I soaked two slices of wheat bread in the batter and dipped them on a plate of fruity pebbles and cooked them for a couple minutes on coconut oil in a pan. Fast, easy and simple breakfast yet delicious!