Homemade Bonuts

Over spring break, I drove to Nashville just for something fun to do, and it was one of the most delicious cities I’ve ever been to! Anyway, the favorite dish by far of the weekend that we agreed upon were the “Bonuts,” or Biscuit Donuts, that we had from Biscuit Love for brunch one morning. It was my friend’s birthday the week after we got back from Nashville, so of course it was my goal to try and replicaye the Bonuts dish from Biscuit Love as a fun and unique birthday cake surprise for her! I just used this Bonuts recipe I found here:


However, instead of making them into donuts of course I tried my best to shape the dough into the Bonuts like Biscuit Love and then I filled them with cream cheese frosting (simply because I didn’t have the time to try and make a mascarpone filling like they did). Finally, I made a blueberry compote like they did as well and put it in the middle of the 5 Bonuts. The blueberry compote recipe was found here:


And last but not least, I also rolled the Bonuts in a cinnamon sugar coating and put a cream cheese frosting swirl on top as well. All in all, it was a pretty successful attempt for the most part! Definitely not the true Biscuit Love Bonuts, but as close as I think I can get!

Here were the Bonuts from Biscuit Love that everyone should have on their foodie bucket list (and I will add that the biscuit French toast was killer too):

And here were my attempts at recreating the Bonuts!


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