Roasted Acorn Squash with Kale Detox Salad

For my post-Easter weekend delicious foods detox, I made a roasted acorn squash for dinner plus a massive batch of a kale detox salad to take to lunch all week! I’ve never had acorn squash before but always wanted to try it, so I bought one spontaneously. For that, I cut it in half and then brushed olive oil on both halves, plus added salt and pepper to the outside flesh part. Then, I roasted them in the oven at 400 degrees for about an hour.

For the salad, I combined a bunch of kale, green onions, about 10 Brussel sprouts, about 4 whole carrots, a head of broccoli and about 2/3 of a red cabbage. In the future, some dried fruit or nuts/seeds would be great, but just keeping it fresh and clean with only veggies right now. I simple tossed all of those together and then threw together a dressing made of pomegranate vinegar, oil, lemon juice and honey. It took forever to cut all that up but was worth it!


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