Raspberry and Cinnamon Baked French Toast

My sister went to a Sara Lee bakery outlet and when she was checking out, they gave her a free loaf of Texas toast that had a close expiration date. So, we decided to make a French toast casserole with the bread before it went bad to use it up easily! And we chose to make it for dinner… Who can resist breakfast for dinner?!

Anyway, this is the recipe I used:


To keep it short: Ree Drummond is my girl!! I love The Pioneer Woman and this recipe has got to be one of her best! So delicious! 🙂 Also, such a simple and easy make ahead breakfast. Happy first night of summer to me… Woo hoo! 😊


Fish Tacos with Avocado Cilantro Sauce

I had dinner at a friends house tonight, and ahw made us this recipe. I only took a picture of the avocado cilantro sauce because that was my contribution to the meal and I devoured the fish tacos immediately after I made them, but I still wanted to create a post to save the recipe she used because the tacos were perfect!


The picture definitely looks like baby barf in a bowl, but it was a great avocado/cilantro/lime/Greek yogurt sauce (we didn’t use jalapeño), and the seasoning for the fish was great!

Paleo Chocolate Cake

I decided to try and make my mom a paleo chocolate cake for Mother’s Day because she’s been trying to eat more paleo inspired recipes, and is a huge fan of chocolate. I found this recipe and thought it looked good enough to give it a go.


It was really simple and easy, but it ended up tasting a tad dry to me. I wish that I poked some holes in the cake and poured some of the leftover coconut milk from the can on top of the cake to moisten it up a bit. Other than that, it was good!

Lemon Coconut Almond Meal Waffles

This morning I was really feeling some almond meal pancakes, but then I decided I haven’t had some waffles in a while so I googled an almond meal waffle recipe and found this one that I really liked the looks of because it’s so simple:


To make it a bit more personal and to go along with my lemon and coconut craving, I decided to throw some lemon and coconut ingredients in there instead of the vanilla. I halved the recipe and then put in about 1/8 cup of unsweetened coconut, a small drizzle of coconut cream, the zest of half a lemon and then the juice of half a lemon as well.

I gotta say, these waffles were AWESOME! It was a great recipe find and the lemon/coconut additives were perfect! I was scared I was overdoing the lemon, but I definitely could have added a bit more of that and even some more coconut too. What made the recipe really perfect was adding some pure maple syrup on top of the waffles because almond meal can get a bit dry, and the maple syrup made it a perfect moisture, and I usually never use syrup! Such a successful breakfast this morning, woo hoo! Can’t wait to try it again and tweak it some more!

Meatball Parm Bake

A friend just gifted me a “Tasty” cookbook, and one of the recipes on the cookbook is a meatball Parm bake, so I wanted to give it a try for dinner tonight. It was so incredibly easy to make and really yummy! Definitely a dish that will be made again because of how quick it was to make, I loved it!