Vegetable + Quinoa Soup

In order to make an easy dinner meant to last the work week, my sister and I decided to make a crockpot soup and she chose the recipe this time:

Definitely one to write down, because it was delicious!! The only substitutions that I made was Acini de Pepe pasta beads for the quinoa just because we had it in the pantry, Tony Satchero’s seasoning for the Cajun seasoning and I also threw in some leftover broccoli (which was a great addition). The only thing I didn’t think through was that the recipe said to add the quinoa at the beginning so I just threw in my pasta substitute, which made it be way over cooked since it was in there too long! It still tasted great and almost had a dumpling like effect because the pasta was so soft… but, future not to self: throw in the pasta later! All in all, a tasty, easy and wonderful find by my sister!


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