Spinach Ravioli

Today I decided to try and step up my pasta making game by not only making spinach pasta dough, but also spinach ravioli out of the dough! It was definitely a time consuming and tedious process, but I was pretty proud of the result! For the filling, I made half of them with a basic Ricotta and herb filling. The other half of them I made with this feta, brussel sprout and fig filling:


I froze most of the ravioli after I made it so that I could pull it out and eat it in the future, but I cooked some of them for dinner in a white wine butter sauce.When I cooked the ravioli, one of them broke open so I’ll just have to practice sealing them better and am hoping more don’t break open in the future! However was a delicious and great first experience making ravioli and making spinach pasta dough as well!


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