Banana French Toast Bake

This morning, I made s friend some breakfast before she has her baby! She chose this recipe:

It was really great and very tasty! I loved the use of french bread and would love to make this again sometime!


Ricotta Pancakes

Woke up this Friday morning with a day off work, so in celebration I decided to make some great looking Ricotta Pancakes with a huge tub of leftover ricotta cheese I have in my fridge! Here’s the recipe I used:

I’m convinced that once you have ricotta pancakes, you’ll never want to go back! They were so ridiculously good with a subtle sweetness to them! Definitely a recipe worth saving and making again. I used buttermilk in the recipe as well, which I think was an awesome addition too. For my toppings, I used white chocolate chips and dried cranberries, which was a great combination. Then I crumbled up some graham crackers and threw them on top of the pancake stack as a nice crunch! Delicious!

Pumpkin Coffee Crumb Cake Donuts 

On the afternoon of this rainy, fall Saturday, I decided to spend this fall weekend day the best way I know how: watching Worst Cooks in America. After watching the latest episode, I decided I wanted to get up and cook and bake something myself. I chose to bake these Pumpkin Coffee Crumb Cake donuts that I found on pinterest:

They were awfully fast and easy to make, and on top of that they are DELICIOUS and a perfect cakey-ness! Definitely will be eating them for a breakfast treat throughout this week!

Sheet Pan Pumpkin Pancakes

This morning I received an email from Kirbie’s Cravings email list (greatest emails ever) of sheet pan pancakes and decided to try her recipe with my own twist…adding pumpkin! Here’s the link:

I added a cup of pumpkin to the batter, and it was absolutely delicious!!! The pumpkin definitely gave the pancakes a much more dense texture over an airy and fluffy texture, but I loved the addition of the pumpkin flavor. Looking forward to entertaining people one morning for a sheet pan pancake brunch sometime soon!

(The weird looking white holes are white chocolate chips)

Dutch Pannekoeken Pancakes

I felt like I hadn’t had a good pancake stack for a while this morning, so after my run I decided to make a Pannekoeken recipe from Colorful Foodie. I love her recipe because she mixes it up a bit to use health(ier) ingredients but still stay true to the main dish! I stayed true to her recipe as well besides the fact that I used coconut sugar instead of cane sugar. The pancakes were awesome!!

I also sautéed up some apples with cinnamon and coconut oil to put warm pancakes in between the Pannekoeken stacks, with some unsweetened coconut flakes and a small drizzle of honey as well. Perfect breakfast!

Overnight Steel Cut Oats with Strawberries, Blueberries, Coconut, and Chia Seeds

Happy 4th of July! This morning I had a 4th of July themed breakfast that I made from this recipe:

With the recipe, I drizzled in a bit of agave instead of the maple syrup and I added blueberries for the 4th of July as well. 🙂 I also poured in some more almond milk in the morning after the mixture hardened up overnight. It tasted great!! I think in the future though, I would just like to use regular Oats instead of Steel Cut (unless I pre-cooked them) because they were still a bit hard and chewy this morning. Still had great flavor though!

Buffalo Chicken Provel Omelette 

I only usually use this to save recipe links, but now I have to take a moment to save one of the best omelette combinations I’ve ever made! This morning I made an omelette with these buffalo chicken snackers, provel cheese and crumbled goldfish on top for some crunch. If you are a salt lover, this is the omelette for you! So good!

Egg Clouds on Toast

I decided I had to try the current breakfast trend here and make myself some egg clouds!

It took me two attempts… The first time I made it, I tried beating egg whites for probably 15 minutes straight and it wasn’t fluffing up. I googled about it and found that sometimes bowls have residue left on them from last usage, so the bowls should be extra clean and dry when making egg clouds. So, I cleaned and dried the bowl really well and tried again and it worked beautifully! I used this recipe.

They were super easy and fun to make on the second try when I got the hang of it! Note to self: clean and dry bowl extra well before usage next time I make this, and if the eggs don’t whip up to stiff peaks after about 5 minutes, you are doing something wrong!!

Raspberry and Cinnamon Baked French Toast

My sister went to a Sara Lee bakery outlet and when she was checking out, they gave her a free loaf of Texas toast that had a close expiration date. So, we decided to make a French toast casserole with the bread before it went bad to use it up easily! And we chose to make it for dinner… Who can resist breakfast for dinner?!

Anyway, this is the recipe I used:

To keep it short: Ree Drummond is my girl!! I love The Pioneer Woman and this recipe has got to be one of her best! So delicious! 🙂 Also, such a simple and easy make ahead breakfast. Happy first night of summer to me… Woo hoo! 😊

Lemon Coconut Almond Meal Waffles

This morning I was really feeling some almond meal pancakes, but then I decided I haven’t had some waffles in a while so I googled an almond meal waffle recipe and found this one that I really liked the looks of because it’s so simple:

To make it a bit more personal and to go along with my lemon and coconut craving, I decided to throw some lemon and coconut ingredients in there instead of the vanilla. I halved the recipe and then put in about 1/8 cup of unsweetened coconut, a small drizzle of coconut cream, the zest of half a lemon and then the juice of half a lemon as well.

I gotta say, these waffles were AWESOME! It was a great recipe find and the lemon/coconut additives were perfect! I was scared I was overdoing the lemon, but I definitely could have added a bit more of that and even some more coconut too. What made the recipe really perfect was adding some pure maple syrup on top of the waffles because almond meal can get a bit dry, and the maple syrup made it a perfect moisture, and I usually never use syrup! Such a successful breakfast this morning, woo hoo! Can’t wait to try it again and tweak it some more!