Pineapple Bread

Today on instagram I saw this recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie and decided to give it a try:

I would have to try and make it again because I would like to make some adjustments, but it was a good recipe! The inside wasn’t baked enough and I didn’t taste as much pineapple as I would have liked, so next time I would just add more pineapple and bake it longer! First time didn’t work out the best, but definitely want to make it again to try and make improvements because I enjoy the recipe, and especially the use of healthier ingredients!


Northern Ireland Fifteens

This summer, one of the places I went to was Belfast, Northern Ireland. Some of the locals there baked some “Fifteens” and they were absolutely delicious! A friend and I decided to make them last night for a friend gathering we had tonight, and they were a hit among everyone! Here’s the recipe for the Northern Ireland specialty:

It actually took two tries to get the condensed milk to digestive biscuit proportion right, but on our second try we added a little at a time and then added just enough to still be able to mold the log instead of way too much like we did the first time! It was delicious, and a nice taste of Northern Ireland back at home here! O haven’t tried it with the graham crackers yet, but will have to soon because I am almost out of the digestive biscuits I brought back home with me!

Cracker Jack and Pretzel Treats

For a sweet treat for my friends picnic during our hike, I chose to make this Cracker Jack and pretzel treat:

Another simple and easy recipe that was very good! Definitely very sweet treat considering I’m working with cracker jacks and marshmallows here, but I saw this and couldn’t remember the last time I had cracker jacks, so wanted to make it for good old times sake! 😊

Gooey Butter Cake

I am currently finishing out a long European summer excursion in Dublin, Ireland! Here, some very nice people are letting a friend and I use their home while they are out of town. As a way to say thanks, we decided to bake them a thank you treat to leave as a surprise for them in their fridge! We settled on making a delicious and extremely unhealthy Gooey Butter Cake:

I can’t say that I got to try it since it was a surprise, but if the recipe is as good as it was easy to make, then its a great one to save!

Banana Upside Down Cake

My sister and I bought 2 bunches of bananas last weekend and turns out we didn’t really need that many because we didn’t eat too many of them throughout the week! When I saw all of them, I remembered this recipe from my tasty cookbook a friend got for me and decided to use up the bananas on the recipe:

I have always wanted to try it and I’m glad I finally got to try it! It was an easy recipe and definitely tasted well in the end.

No Bake Cake Batter Bites

Currently having a pretty lazy Sunday around here, so I wanted to conquer some boredom by baking something quick and easy! I was craving a small dessert bite of some sort, and after looking around for some, I chose to make this no bake cake batter bite:

I have made some of his recipes before and I love how creative they all are! This one was great like the rest and didn’t take long at all to make up so I can have a nice and easy treat to grab in my desk at work this week! 🙂

Gingerbread Poke Cake

My mom was asking if there was a cake recipe I wanted her to try and make for my birthday, and I have been craving gingerbread so I have her this one to try:

I also wanted to try and look for something convenient and easy for her to do, and I think this one was for her! It was a good recipe, but I think she could have poked some deeper holes to soak the cake a bit more because the soaked parts were amazing and the other ones were more dry compared to the soaked parts of course!

Orange Pistachio Gingerbread Cutout Cookies

For my staff cookie exchange, I decided to make these cookies as well from Julie Nolke:

I enjoy some of her recipes she makes and ideas that she comes up with, so I decided to give this one a try and I really enjoyed the recipe! I think it mostly tasted like gingerbread, so maybe could use even more orange zest/pistachios, but it was still a good recipe!

Italian Rainbow Cookies

I am entering in a holiday cookie showdown contest on Tuesday, so I decided to bring out the big guns and make an Italian Rainbow Cookie! I know a lot of people will argue that they aren’t cookies, but once they taste them they won’t even care because they are so delicious! Definitely my favorites. Here’s the recipe I used:

It is absolutely a time consuming process, but it’s worth it in the end when you see the final product! Great recipe that was easy to follow with a very tasty outcome.