One Pot Pad Thai

For dinner tonight, I made my sister and I this One Pot Pad Thai recipe from a tasty cookbook that I have. It was easy to make and also tasted great!


Chickpea Salad Sandwich with Low Carb Bread

When my brother was here this week, he bought a handful of chickpea cans to make dinners with, but then he got sick so I’m left with a bunch of chickpea cans I get to use up! For dinner tonight, I really wanted to try this chickpea salad recipe:

And for the bread, I have been wanting to try this since I received a Kirbie’s Cravings (awesome food blog) email this week:

Both recipes were awesome in my opinion!! I really want to make the chickpea salad again in bulk so that I can eat it throughout the week for lunch. It was so tasty and I’m glad I found the recipe!

Paleo Cauliflower (& Broccoli) Crust Pizza

Tonight I wanted to make dinner for my parents who have been eating paleo, so I decided to make this cauliflower crust recipe for them:

The recipe for the crust was very good! It fell apart very easily but I still have yet to find a cauliflower pizza crust recipe that doesn’t fall apart when you try to pick it up. For the topping, I used a precooked and packaged smoked sausage and it was awesome!! I almost liked it better than ground sausage!

I also make a broccoli crust pizza (link on previous post) for my sister and I, who does not like cauliflower as much. We used black olives, roasted green pepper and turkey pepperoni for our sausage. Both were delicious and will be made again!

Shrimp Boil Sheet Pan Dinner

For dinner today, I wanted to throw something together that was healthier and easy. I thought of doing a sort of shrimp boil sheet pan dinner, so I googled it and found a recipe from this blog site I love!

It was such a simple and quick dinner, and I absolutely loved the old bay seasoning on it. Corn on the cob was a tad expensive so instead I threw on some cauliflower, zucchini, red pepper & carrots that I had to use them up and all items were great in the recipe. I will definitely do this again sometime with the corn on the cob!

Chicken Chili Verde from WGC

I follow What’s Gaby Cooking and am signed up for her email subscription list and love all of her recipes she sends out! This week she sent this Chicken Chili Verde recipe and I really wanted to make it, so this is recipe #3 that I used the shredded chicken for. Similar to my chicken lunch, this is meant to be dinner for the whole week so it was a nice easy meal to make for the entire week!

Homemade Chicken Pot Pie

For my second shredded chicken meal, I wanted to make a homemade meal for a friend who has a newborn baby, so I decided to make her a chicken pot pie with a homemade crust just as she wanted it! Here is the recipe I used:

I got a bit lucky because there was some leftover dough and filling so I was able to make my sister and I two mini cupcake sized chicken pot pies for dinner and boy am I glad that there were leftovers because it was amazing! An easy recipe to make and even better with homemade crust!!

Spinach Ravioli

Today I decided to try and step up my pasta making game by not only making spinach pasta dough, but also spinach ravioli out of the dough! It was definitely a time consuming and tedious process, but I was pretty proud of the result! For the filling, I made half of them with a basic Ricotta and herb filling. The other half of them I made with this feta, brussel sprout and fig filling:

I froze most of the ravioli after I made it so that I could pull it out and eat it in the future, but I cooked some of them for dinner in a white wine butter sauce.When I cooked the ravioli, one of them broke open so I’ll just have to practice sealing them better and am hoping more don’t break open in the future! However was a delicious and great first experience making ravioli and making spinach pasta dough as well!

Vegetable + Quinoa Soup

In order to make an easy dinner meant to last the work week, my sister and I decided to make a crockpot soup and she chose the recipe this time:

Definitely one to write down, because it was delicious!! The only substitutions that I made was Acini de Pepe pasta beads for the quinoa just because we had it in the pantry, Tony Satchero’s seasoning for the Cajun seasoning and I also threw in some leftover broccoli (which was a great addition). The only thing I didn’t think through was that the recipe said to add the quinoa at the beginning so I just threw in my pasta substitute, which made it be way over cooked since it was in there too long! It still tasted great and almost had a dumpling like effect because the pasta was so soft… but, future not to self: throw in the pasta later! All in all, a tasty, easy and wonderful find by my sister!