Pineapple Bread

Today on instagram I saw this recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie and decided to give it a try:

I would have to try and make it again because I would like to make some adjustments, but it was a good recipe! The inside wasn’t baked enough and I didn’t taste as much pineapple as I would have liked, so next time I would just add more pineapple and bake it longer! First time didn’t work out the best, but definitely want to make it again to try and make improvements because I enjoy the recipe, and especially the use of healthier ingredients!


Plantain Tortillas

I had a lot of free time today for once so decided to make something I’ve been wanting to try… Plantain tortillas! Here’s the recipe:

The only thing different I did was I boiled the plantains for a couple minutes before putting them in the food processor so they would be extra soft, and I think that helped a lot. I think I may have made them a little too thin because the tortillas came out a little more crispy than I would have liked, plus I had to cook them longer (about 30ish minutes) or else they were too doughy, but overall still enjoyed them a lot!

Avocado Cream Cheese Spread

I have a ton of leftover vegetables in my fridge, so I decided to chop them all up and roast them in some olive oil for 40 minutes at 400-450 degrees in the oven. I also went to a fancy bread bakery this weekend to buy flaxseed bread so that I could have roasted vegetable sandwiches for lunch this week. To top it all off, I googled avocado cream cheese spread recipes so that I could spread it on my sandwiches with the vegetables. This is the recipe that I thought sounded the best:

Looking forward to eating it all together this week for some tasty lunch sandwiches! The taste test for this spread was awesome!

Smoked Hard Boiled Eggs

My dad found this recipe online and I’ve been telling him how I want to make smoked hard boiled eggs, so I decided to give it a try this weekend! Sounds like the best way to make eggs on Easter anyway…

Here’s the recipe:

It didn’t take all that long to make the eggs and I would have liked to have left them on 15-30 minutes longer, but we had to pull the smoker inside because it started sleeting and hailing sadly. But they still had a nice subtle smoke flavor to them!

Easy Classic Hummus Recipe

I bought some large carrots and chickpeas from the store to make a carrot and hummus snack for the week, and found this easy recipe to make.

It was delicious, and a recipe to definitely use again in the future! Probably will double it next time though to make a bigger batch.

Also made a variation on this recipe by grinding up fresh parsley and green onions to make a green hummus:

Energy Bites Recipes 

A friend of mine is teaching a workout class tomorrow for her church and I am helping her run it, and I told her I would make some energy bites as a good fuel post-workout! I found these two recipes that I wanted to try and they were awesome…

Coconut Cashew Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites Recipe:

Peanut Butter Chia Seed Oatmeal Energy Bites Recipe: –> (I used chia seeds instead of flaxseeds here)

Mango Guacamole Stuffed Chicken

Tonight for dinner I decided to try my first stuffed chicken! Wow it was great, can’t wait to make some more stuffed chicken recipes in the future!

I stuffed the chicken with the Mango Guacamole recipe from WGC:

And for the chicken, the first thing I did was butterfly the chicken. Then I rubbed the outsides with salt and pepper. After that, I spooned the guacamole inside the chicken and stuffed it pretty darn full! Then, I cooked the chicken at 400 degrees for 25-30 minutes until the internal chicken temperature was 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Loved the guacamole with the mango a lot and loved it with the chicken.

Fresh Blackberry Compote

Today I made a compote based off of this recipe:

I tripled the recipe, but I kept the sugar and lemon ingredients at the single recipe measurements, so the only thing I tripled was the water and fruit.  However, I boiled mine a whole lot longer than the recipe says because it wouldn’t thicken up (which I’m guessing is because I didn’t add all the sugar) and added about a tablespoon of cornstarch after a while and it thickened up perfectly right away! Can’t wait to use it on pancakes, ice cream, parfaits, etc!


Homemade Pumpkin Purée 

I bought an extra pumpkin for the chili cook-offs I was entered and turned out I only needed one pumpkin. I finally got around to baking my leftover pumpkin and this time instead of dicing it, I decided to roast it and make a homemade purée. However, that was my first time roasting a pumpkin and roasted pumpkin by itself is delicious… I definitely are some of it before I puréed the roasted pumpkin! Here’s the method I followed for roasting and puréeing a pumpkin:

The pumpkin I had was pretty small though, and all it needed was 20 minutes at 400 degrees. That was perfect enough!