Roasted Pumpkin

The best thing by far to eat this time of year is some good ol’ roasted pumpkin! I love the nutty flavor so much and it is very easy to make. All I did was chop up a small pumpkin into smaller pieces and then I spread olive oil, salt and pepper on the wedges. The wedges cooked at 400 degrees for 40 minutes and came out perfectly!


Chickpea, Avocado & Feta Salad

Over the weekend, I found this recipe so I wanted to try it for lunch:

As soon as I saw it, I immediately knew it would be a new favorite because it’s the easiest thing ever to make, and has 3 of my favorite foods in it as the main ingredients! I absolutely love the avocado, feta and chickpeas with the subtle lime twang. It’s awesome and will likely be a new go to lunch for me!

Homemade Crockpot Cranberry Applesauce

For Thanksgiving, my sister made this amazing homemade crockpot applesauce recipe:

Our whole family fell in love with it so she shared it with all of us. It was delicious both hot and cold. Because of that, I decided to use up more cranberries by making this homemade applesauce recipe and then throwing cranberries in there to make a nice and tart cranberry applesauce. I LOVE cranberries and I absolutely loved this recipe, so it was a new favorite! I think this applesauce recipe will be a new household staple recipe for both my parents and my sister and I!

Mushroom & Chestnut Side Dish

My second contribution to Thanksgiving dinner was this mushroom and chestnut side dish. My dad and I absolutely love mushrooms and roasted chestnuts, so I decided to make this recipe for the both of us to try:

The only thing I did differently was I roasted chestnuts (12 minutes at 400) instead of using a jar, and it was a good side dish. It was just a tad on the sweet side between the chestnuts and the wine, so I think it needed a little more salt to it or maybe something more acidic than sweet. Overall, it is something I’d definitely like to make again though!


One of my favorite places I have been to in Nashville is called “Mas Tacos,” and I went there with a friend last year. She just had ACL surgery so I decided to recreate her a dinner similar to the one we had at Mas Tacos because we both fell in love with their menu there!

First of all, my friend loves pineapple, so I decided to make the pineapple teryiaki boats again and assemble tacos with the pineapple rice on the bottom, teriyaki chicken and then some guacamole on top and it was probably the best taco combination ever. Finished off with feta would have made it perfect in my opinion!!

Then I also made some caramelized plantains and Elote for sides, which are the same sides we had at Mas Tacos. The Elote was incredible, so I did my best to copy what they did. Elote is just a Mexican street corn on the cob. All I did was boil the corn, then cook it some more on the stove top in a pan to get that grilled corn effect because I sadly do not have a grill, rubbed some butter on it, sprinkled Parmesan cheese to stick to the butter and finally finished it off with some paprika. Wasn’t the same as Mas Tacos but I would say it was pretty close for an amateur!

It was an awesome meal and definitely worthy to be made again!